Egyptian who wants Freedom

12 hours ago source from alJazeera reporting that 2 million people confirmed in Tahrir square now. Total of 8 Million people protesting all over Egypt. Protesters have been really peaceful with an unbelievable sense of unity. A phenomenon community spirit.

I would like to quote a word from admin of We are all Khaled Said facebook page.

I keep on getting emails from media saying what's my ideology. I don't have one! I'm a simple Egyptian who wants Freedom & Justice to his people & who supports the Dignity Revolution that is taking place in Egypt. I support Athiests, Christians & Muslims right for freedom of speach, hence I post what Seculars say, Unions say, Muslim brotherhood, everyone. This is everyone's revolution & everyone should be included.

And Mubarak's back up who so stubborn to realize the 'voice' of Egyptian.
* Saudi govt: "Protesters are infidels (non-Muslims) because they oppose their leader".
* Mubarak (few days ago): "Few evil elements want harm to Egypt. Fate put me as your leader".
* Egypt's National TV:"Protesters are Israeli agents carrying espionage (spying) equipment for Israel".

a review;
A financial analyst on Bloomberg channel:
"If Egypt's revolution succeeded, we will see a giant economic power, the size of Turkish economy in few years."
Dignity, Freedom of speech & Freedom of choosing leaders/representatives creates strong economies & encourages investments & increases workforce production. Good economy for Egypt will help improve other economies around the world as trade soars.

source : We are all Khaled Said


Dimanakah lagi 'kegelapan' pada jiwa yg mengenal Allah dan Rasul-Nya.
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